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Hi! We’re Ari and Simon


Two dancers who love to travel around the world performing and teaching. We have a passion for swing dance and its culture. We love all forms of swing dance, especially Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz. 

Lindy Hop is an African American partner dance originating in Harlem, New York in the 1920s and 30s. Many great and famous dancers came from the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem. 

We first met in 2016 and have been performing, teaching and competing together around the world ever since. We’re now based in Madrid, travel internationally for workshops and festivals, and also have our online teaching platform through Patreon, providing options for everyone!

What we do

Ari & Simon Patreon

Perfect for dancers who want to connect and train with us on a regular basis. With a variety of options for the focus you want to have including “Solo Jazz”, “Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz”, and “VIP” which comes with a monthly private class. This online subscription platform offers regular updates, exclusive videos, personal feedback and a community to help you with your training and development as dancers.


We love to be a part of these amazing events. Teaching, performing and social dancing with communities from all over the world, sharing our passion for this dance and its culture.

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About us

Ari and Simon are swing dance teachers, performers and choreographers. Primarily focused on Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz. They are passionate about these dance forms, especially in the context of their cultural traditions, their values and their place as an artform. 

Working together since 2016, they are now based in Madrid working globally as well as growing their online platform through Patreon.

They are an energetic and rhythmical couple who love the interplay between the individual, the music and the partner during a dance and how it can develop into a beautiful conversation.

They hold titles from the International Lindy Hop Championships, The Savoy Cup and The Korean Lindy Hop Championships, among others. Their passion for the dance and the culture of swing has grown with them and is something they constantly strive to develop and express, whether in classes, on stage or in competition.

Swing Dancers
Swing Dancers
Swing Dancers


This monthly subscription service is perfect for dancers who want to work and train with us on a regular basis. You will have access to our exclusive online classes, personalised feedback, workshops and private classes. With clear accessible content and regular updates, our Patreon is designed to take your dancing to the next level. 


January 2024

  • 18-21: Blue Monday Festival, Porto
  • 26-28: Lindy Szau, Warclaw

February 2024

  • 1-4: Winter’s Back Festival, Alcoy
  • 16-18: Pisa Swing Festival, Pisa
  • 23-25: Leapin’ Lindy, Bern

March 2024

  • 1-3: Hop To Paradise, Tenerife
  • 8-10: Swing’Zy Festival, Clermont-Ferrand
  • 15-17: Swing Art, Bordeaux
  • 22-24: Your Swing Super Weekend, Genova
  • 28-31: Barswingona, Barcelona

April 2024

  • 12-14: Prague Spring Swing Festival, Prague
  • 19-21: Aarhus Weekend, Aarhus
  • 25-28: Bubble Pop, Taiwan

May 2024

  • 10-12: Maytime Mess Around, Titchfield
  • 30-2: Sofia Swing Festival, Sofia

June 2024

  • 14-16: Le Bretzel, Normandy
  • 21-23: Be Swing, Catalunya
  • 28-30: Swingin’Cadi, Andorra

July 2024

August 2024

  • 12-16: Ghent Bootcamp, Ghent

September 2024

  • 5-8: Swim Out Costa Brava, Costa Brava
  • 13-15: Sprottenhop, Kiel
  • 27-29: Rimini Weekend, Rimini

October 2024

  • 10-13: Jelly Roll Dance Club, Bangkok
  • 18-20: Parkside Camp, Melbourne
  • 25-27: Festival Swing Ciudad Real, Ciudad Real  

November 2024

  • 8-10: Jam and Marmalade, Sevilla
  • 15-17: SwinG’Amman, Rennes

December 2024

  • 5-8: Savoy Cup Asia, Seoul
Swing Dancers

I just LOVE Patreon classes of Ari and Simon! They teach great moves and combos and explain the necessary technique very well. I love their energy and the duration of the classes is just perfect! Well done in finding the right balance to make the classes enjoyable and addictive (you just want to learn more!)


Not only they share their experience but they give you all their good mood and make you sweat, smile and feel happy!


Con un método muy bueno y ameno, gracias a las clases de Ari & Simon hemos adquirido muchos recursos y pasos nuevos con un especial foco en la conexión, las transiciones y la complicidad con la pareja. Nos encanta su trabajo personalizado y el cariño y entusiasmo que transmiten en los videos y workshops. Lo recomendamos 100%.

 Xavi & Magali

Simon & Ari are the best teachers I’ve ever had in the Lindy hop and solo jazz world. They really pay attention to you and try to help you during the process of learning to dance. I highly recommend them. I feel really lucky to have the chance of learn from them. Thank you guys for all the effort you put in every video and class.


One of the best teachers we have ever had! 🙂

Jokin & Mayi

I've been on Patreon with Simon and Ari for the past 3 months and am absolutely loving it! It's really encouraged me to rekindle my love of dance in a constructive and no-pressure way. Ari is very bubbly and positive, which creates engagement. The video tutorials that they publish are fun and they break down moves and sequences in a very accessible way, the feedback that they give is priceless and very helpful. Simon and Ari are amazing teachers and awesome dancers anyway



What is Ari & Simon Patreon?

Patreon is a platform that allows us to work with dancers from all over the world. It is a monthly subscription service which provides you with access to our exclusive online classes, workshops and even private classes as well as personal feedback. We have multiple options available for you to choose from based on what you want to work on the most.

What is the best option for me?

We have options that can be a great fit for you adapting to exactly what you want to work on. For instance, we have our Solo Patron tier which focuses on Solo Jazz dance, designed for those who want to focus and work hard on their individual dance. Our Patron tier includes Lindy Hop (partner dance) and Solo Jazz all in one pack and is perfect for those who want a more complete experience as well as monthly personal feedback. Finally, for the ones who are really motivated and want to push their dancing, we have a VIP Patron tier which includes all our Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz classes as well as a personal private class every month and personal feedback.

How does Patreon payment work?

Patreon is a platform that works on a monthly subscription. When you sign up to one of the tiers you pay for the month you are in and then on the 1 st of every month after that Patreon will charge you your subscription. You can change your tier from one month to the other giving you full adaptability to what you want.

What other services do you provide?

Apart from private classes, workshops and festivals, both live and online, we also provide choreography for many clients including Lindy Hop teams, weddings, companies and more. We are also part of a team who perform and provide shows for theatres and private events. If you are interested in any of these services or have any questions we would be happy to hear from you. Just get in touch!

Who is the Patreon for? 

It’s for all the dancers who want to keep pushing themselves. No matter the level, we have classes from intermediate to Advanced so you can take advantage of what you need, whatever point you are at in your dance. You’ll find technique, new moves, concepts and ideas that will help you grow your own dance in a deeper, more personal way. On top of all that, you also have personal monthly feedback from us to help you progress in your dance and your training.

Swing Dancers

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